‘Scottish’ Daily Express lied and Scotland’s schools only ones to have seen a rise in spending since 2013-14

Despite the headlines from Scotland’s MSM (Express in April 2019 above) the truth is somewhat different when you consider the evidence. Indeed, the Express headline is a barefaced lie. From the IFS yesterday:

School spending per pupil is highest in Scotland, lowest in Northern Ireland. Total school spending per pupil was about £6,600 in Scotland in 2018–19. This is £600 higher than spending per pupil in England (£6,000), with spending per pupil in Wales £200 lower at £5,800. Spending per pupil was lowest in Northern Ireland, at £5,500 per pupil.

 Cuts have been largest in England and Northern Ireland, with spending per pupil falling by 8% in England since 2009–10 and by 11% since 2011–12 in Northern Ireland. Cuts have been smaller in Scotland (2%) and Wales (6%). This differential picture is mostly driven by the fact that England and Northern Ireland have seen large rises in pupil numbers, whilst Scotland and Wales have not.

In terms of trends over time, we see steady declines across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In Scotland, there was a decline of 6% between 2009–10 and 2013–14, followed by a rise of about 4% since 2013–14. As a result, the net decline is notably less in Scotland, which is the only country in the UK to have seen a rise in school spending since 2013–14.

Click to access R162-Education-spending-in-England-2019.pdf

7 thoughts on “‘Scottish’ Daily Express lied and Scotland’s schools only ones to have seen a rise in spending since 2013-14

  1. In keeping with the Green curves in above Graphs

    Right now BBC Scotland are running an hour long phone in encouraging the school kids climste strike.

    Is this happening in other bbc local radio stations.

    In recent elections in Germany the Green vote increased significantly, this was put down to school climate strikes.

    In Scotland this would reduce the SNP vote. Surely the BBC aren’t trying to reduce the SNP vote.

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    1. Today the climate protests are happening across the world so I should imagine all radio/TV stations are covering it in some way. The Herald’s front page today was all about climate change and the Guardian online has a large section all about it on the ‘front page’ of their online edition. BBC Newd Wales has articles on it too. So no ulterior motive in BBC Scotland reporting the issue today.

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      1. Clydebuilt,
        People do not need to be ‘encouraged’ to join in. The planet is in trouble. Watch Alex Thomso’s reports that have been shown on Ch4 news this week. There was a YouGov poll this week which showed that Climate Change is at the top of people’s list of concerns.


      1. They are being ‘encouraged’ in many ways but not, as implied by Clydebuilt, as some sort of anti-SNP conspiracy.

        The BBC together with just about all the major media outlets across the globe were reporting on the demonstration that were taking place.


  2. A generally OK (but with significant omission) article on beeb Scotland website regarding the welcome awarding of CfD auction contracts to six Scottish onshore and offshore wind projects.

    Beeb article does mention that only some of the candidate W.Isles based projects have been successful and that this has implications for the viability of the planned Hebridean transmission link.

    Beeb article also mentions the dramatic reduction in the strike price over the 3 auction rounds to date (now sitting at less than £40 – compare that with the £95 support price for the Hinckley Point nuclear power contracts).

    What the (relatively lengthy and interesting) beeb article FAILS to mention is the slightly awkward reality that FIVE OUT OF THE TOTAL OF SIX Gigawatts being auctioned have been awarded to 2 England based wind-power projects: Link to beeb article below – but please check the REAL situation with the link to the news.gov.scot coverage also shown below:



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