Investigator digs no dirt on SNP travelling to Shetland

In an astonishing Freedom of Information request published yesterday, we read:

In the last few weeks and up until polling day, many SNP officials including the above mentioned have travelled to Shetland in support of the SNP. As Sturgeon has great difficulty differentiating between her responsibilities as FM and leader of the SNP mostly acting as the later and knowing that this travel usually includes an entourage. My question is was this activity travel, lodgings etc provided and paid for from SNP sources or by the Scottish Government? Security and all when they travel on what is strictly SNP Party business they are just like the population at large, no public funding. Please advise with details.

So, the writer rudely calls the FM ‘Sturgeon’, in a non-sentence, using the word ‘later’ when it should be ‘latter.’ Then they write comedically ‘My question is was this’. Next, we get another non-sentence with a request for information on ‘Security and all.’


The visits to Shetland you refer to in your request were undertaken by SNP MSPs and MPs on a party-political basis. Nicola Sturgeon travelled to Shetland in her capacity as leader of the Scottish National Party. I can therefore confirm that no costs in relation to these visits were met by the Scottish Government. The Scottish Government does not comment on security.

Perhaps I’m being too kind, but I doubt this comes from the regulars in the opposition parties or in our MSM.

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