The stench of Westminster political hypocrisy is truly overwhelming is it not?

Back in power…with the Tories again!

From Ludo Thierry:

Wonder if beeb Scotland or STV will find space to comment on this rather splendiferous piece of chasing up of a story by a dedicated citizen journalist? (name unknown or I’d give them a name-check) .

This selfless hero of public research has tracked down the somewhat fascinating Early Day Motion 1083 from 29/02/2008 (2007 – 08 session). Link and text of EDM below: (PLEASE NOTE – signed by (amongst many others): WILLIE RENNIE MP (as was), Jo Swinson MP, Alistair Carmichael MP, Sir Menzies Campbell MP (as was), Malcolm Bruce MP (as was), Danny Alexander MP (as was): The stench of Westminster political hypocrisy is truly overwhelming is it not?):

That this House notes that there has been no referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union since 1975; further notes that there is widespread public demand for such a referendum; believes that such a referendum will improve the country’s standing in Europe by clarifying whether the British people have a long term commitment to the European Union and will force off the fence those political parties that seek to obscure from the public their true policy towards Europe; notes that it has not had an opportunity as part of the deliberation on the European Union (Amendment) Bill to debate and vote on proposals for a referendum on the United Kingdom’s continued membership of the European Union; and calls on the Government to make time for such a debate as a matter of urgency.

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One thought on “The stench of Westminster political hypocrisy is truly overwhelming is it not?

  1. I suggest this from 15 September this year completes and reinforces the point:

    ‘Jo Swinson says she does not forgive David Cameron for calling a referendum on the EU.

    During a Q&A session at her party conference, the Liberal Democrat leader said many of the problems the UK was facing stem from the former Tory prime minister’s “shocking misjudgement”, where he “put the interests of the Conservative Party ahead of the national interest”.’


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