The SNP leaders but not the NHS Chief or the Contractor?
And again!

The above two BBC Scotland images, yesterday and last week, tell you everything. Stories of nothing are exaggerated and directed at the SNP Government in a desperate attempt to damage them by association.

Contrast this with English media coverage of even greater problems there and note the lack of ‘guilty’ faces and of blame cast upon even this dastardly Tory government:

Where’s the Health Minister?
Where’s the Health Minister?
Patients die but still no Health Minister or PM?

Remember, this is a fake crisis. Some babies who were premature died of their prematurity. Some others died of unrelated causes and not because of a pigeon fungus infection. Some women in Tayside died of their aggressive cancers and not because of a reduced chemotherapy dose aimed at reducing their suffering. Scotland’s hospitals are freer of infection than ever before and much more so than in other countries. Cancer-related deaths in Tayside are average. A Scottish hospital has been delayed and another has teething troubles. Contractors always underbid to win contracts then knowing they are safe, deliver late and with flaws. NHS Scotland is a gem, performing well-ahead of almost all health services in other countries.

I can evidence all of the above claims. Search my older blog for ‘NHS’ then browse through many pieces of hard evidence to your heart’s content.