Bias by selection as Jamie Murray talks up Scotland on STV but BBC Scotland misses it

BBC Scotland

On STV, Jamie Murray called for more funding from the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), saying ‘Scotland deserves the financial support of a country, not a county’ and then restating that ‘Scotland is a country.’ This, by any standards, is newsworthy comment by a leading Scottish sportsman, but it’s simply ignored by BBC Scotland both on the website’s extended report (above) and on the Reporting Scotland broadcast. At any other time, any of the Murrays would make the headlines. Imagine he had said something about how much Scotland benefits from being part of the UK-wide Lawn Tennis Association?

BBC Scotland

For some time now, I’ve wondered if STV News has been smelling the coffee and considering the commercial effects of alienating too many of their Indy-supporting viewers. I’ve reported signs of greater balance and a more professional manner than that of their neighbours on the Clyde but then they go and indulge in the same frenzied feeding on supposed health crises.

Today, however, I couldn’t help but notice the contrasts. Look at the above two headlines. Note how BBC Scotland avoid the more optimistic, obvious, reading of the changing situation in the EU’s thinking about Scottish membership as the UK staggers to the door.

BBC Scotland

Then on school subject choices and other related matters, note how STV simply state the facts while BBC Scotland extract a notion of concern, expressed only by some, and make it an apparently the wider perception.

Only one day, I know, but revealing of an underlying predisposition?

7 thoughts on “Bias by selection as Jamie Murray talks up Scotland on STV but BBC Scotland misses it

  1. Stv will , as you say , have a commercial interest , if they lose viewers they lose revenue then they lose jobs . If they have decided to be more balanced it will be a commercial decision only , they are every bit as Unionist as the rabid BBC !.


  2. On Good Morning Scotland a few minutes ago there was an interview with a journalist from the Times who was endorsing Jamie Murray’s opinion. Better late than never?

    There was also an interview with Wullie Wombat about ‘We”ll cancel Brexit, but we’ll not allow Scotland an independence referendum.’ The obvious questions were actually asked, but he just talked past the interviewer.

    Anent the education issue yesterday – this was yet another example of mining data for something bad. The Parliament Committee was chaired by an SNP MP, and, usually, it is the chair who is interviewed. But, not in this case. BBC interviewed the Tory spokesperson Liz Smith, teeing up her shots for her. This PRECEDED the interview with John Swinney who was presented as having to defend the SG against Ms Smith’s allegations. This has been the standard practice for decades: lead on a Tory press release and then put the relevant minister in the position of defending the allegations. This frames the debate by excluding the wider findings of any report.


  3. Wonder if beeb Scotland or STV will find space to comment on this rather splendiferous piece of chasing up of a story by a dedicated citizen journalist? (name unknown or I’d give them a name-check) .

    This selfless hero of public research has tracked down the somewhat fascinating Early Day Motion 1083 from 29/02/2008 (2007 – 08 session). Link and text of EDM below: (PLEASE NOTE – signed by (amongst many others): WILLIE RENNIE MP (as was), Jo Swinson MP, Alistair Carmichael MP, Sir Menzies Campbell MP (as was), Malcolm Bruce MP (as was), Danny Alexander MP (as was): The stench of Westminster political hypocrisy is truly overwhelming is it not?):

    That this House notes that there has been no referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union since 1975; further notes that there is widespread public demand for such a referendum; believes that such a referendum will improve the country’s standing in Europe by clarifying whether the British people have a long term commitment to the European Union and will force off the fence those political parties that seek to obscure from the public their true policy towards Europe; notes that it has not had an opportunity as part of the deliberation on the European Union (Amendment) Bill to debate and vote on proposals for a referendum on the United Kingdom’s continued membership of the European Union; and calls on the Government to make time for such a debate as a matter of urgency.

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  4. Thank you Professor for keeping your eyes and ears on the motley crew at the BBBC and STV – I have long stopped watching their disgusting output and rely on such as yourself to know what the enemy within is saying /doing.


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