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Based on fieldwork on 9th and 10th September with 146 Scots adults (no 16/17-year-olds) and within a larger poll of 1 619 showing a Labour and Brexit increase over the previous poll on 5th and 6th:

  • Con                        19%
  • Lab                         8%
  • Lib                          11%
  • SNP                     52%
  • Brexit                    7%
  • Green                    3%

YouGov has been the most frequent pollster on Westminster with 20 since the beginning of June including this one. They have consistently, 15 out of 20 times, scored the SNP at 4% of the total poll and averaging 4.1%. This puts them slightly below Opinium at 4.33% but well above ComRes at 3.1%

The Labour score of 8% when they seem to be climbing nationally is disastrous.

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