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Note: This report has not been checked by Alasdair, TuS Education and Gardening Correspondent. Readers are advised to re-read after he has had time to wash his hands, hopefully not of the whole thing though (I know, clumsy sentence).

Is that top line a bit flat?

Again, that looks a bit flat. Bigger graph with taller Y axis would give the achievement what it deserves, visually.

For older readers, SCQF Level 6 is like the Highers award, Level 5 is like O Grade or the higher Standard Grade awards and Level 4 is like the lower Standard Grade awards (Alasdair?).

From Summary Statistics for Attainment, Leaver Destinations and Healthy Living No. 8: 2018 Edition (Best-seller title?), corrected and released again today, we see clear evidence of a steady growth in the number of pupils leaving Scotland’s schools with qualifications and/or with the happy expectation of going on to a positive destination in either work or in further and higher education.

Click to access children-education-skills-summary-statistics-attainment-leaver-destinations-healthy-living-no-8-2018-edition.pdf

Though not 100% certain about the comparison (Alasdair?), I think only 66.9% of GCSE entrants in England got 1 or more GCSE awards compared to the 86.1% in Scotland achieving 1 or more SCQF Level 5 awards.