I refuse to write new stuff about this very old and stinky stuff from the Herald/Labour Party Alliance so here are a few tales of what Scotland’s hospitals really do:

BBC Scotland gives you sick children, unsafe hospitals, drug deaths and more drug deaths: You want independence? At a time like this?

Scotland’s hospitals 100% free of infections related to food!

Scottish hospitals saving more lives than ever before

SHOCK: ISIS Jihadis caught feeding infected pigeon hordes near Glasgow hospitals!

How Reporting Scotland INVENTED a crisis of infected hospitals for us

Does BBC Scotland’s architect expert know pigeon poo about giant hospitals or indeed anything big?

Delayed discharges from Scottish hospitals FALL by more than 4% despite massive increase in demand throughout 2018

Scottish hospitals continue improvements in hip and knee replacement, despite 14.5% increase in demand, to meet SNP target for standing up to Westminster

Standardised mortality rate in Scotland’s hospitals falls by nearly 10% in just three years despite crude mortality levels being static and as ‘20,000 ‘additional deaths’ have occurred in England and Wales in the first 16 weeks of this year.’

Scottish hospitals meet their patient safety aim 15 months early

Not reported: Scottish building standards far more extensive, more stringent, more comprehensive and more transparent than in England

SNP blamed as none of improving NHS Scotland’s boards in 10 worst places for cancer treatment waiting times

Patient safety frequently at risk in NHS hospitals in…..

Stunning 91% achievement by NHS Scotland A&E, 12% better than NHS England