FASCINATING NEW SURVEY: 97% of those living in England & Wales and 90% of Scots WOULD NOT prioritise defending the Union

Brexit and defeating Corbyn matters far more to most Brits than defending the Union

In an online poll carried out by Hanbury Strategy with 995 UK adults on 3rd and 4th September 2019, the question When considering which party to vote for, what primarily motivated your decision?’ got this stunning result:

The Union team in the relegation place at the bottom of the table.

That only 38 out of 995, or 4%, of Brits (not N Ireland) make defending the union a priority while nearly 3 times as many would worry more about defeating Jeremy Corbyn and 7 times as many care more about Brexit seems striking enough but when you count only those living in England and Wales (grouped), 30, the figure falls to 3%.  If we could extract the Welsh, it would fall even lower for England. Particularly striking, only 10% of Scots (small sample alert) would prioritise defending the Union while 34% would prioritise EU-related matters.

To see full data, click on link below and go to page 42.

Also interesting in the data, only 2% of the University-educated would prioritise defending the Union as opposed to 4% of those not University-educated and 7% of the over 65’s. The University-educated were also 3 times as likely to want to revoke Article 50 and remain in the UK. Of the Scottish sample, 43% were University-educated compared to only 21% to 25% in England, other than in London (36%) and the South-West (33%).

Footnote: The site where I pinched the above image may be of interest:

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9 thoughts on “FASCINATING NEW SURVEY: 97% of those living in England & Wales and 90% of Scots WOULD NOT prioritise defending the Union

  1. Got a problem with Corbyn being an interim PM , if he is twice as loathed as BOJO for the job they will need to come up with a better option.


  2. The indications from this poll seem unsurprising given that Scotland has been projected for years as a financial and social millstone round the neck of England. The Union is presented as a ‘charity’ through which the people of the south maintain civilisation among their poor, feckless neighbours in the north. No wonder that 96%+ don’t give a tuppeny damn about the Union.
    It clearly exposes the fact that the resistance to dismantling this 300 year-old charade is centred on a small minority who do clearly understand the worth to themselves of a captive, productive Scotland.

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      1. Plainly, in England in these ‘Brexit’ days, Scotland must seem ” a faraway country of which we know little”.

        I seem to remember that phrase from somewhere in the ‘glorious’ past of the UK…….

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  3. What should come after that final colon? What is it about the organisation which should be of interest to us?

    Other points:
    1. I suspect that your tongue was pretty firmly in your cheek when you made the 97% claim. It is a good example of BBC Scotland’s guidelines on presenting baaaad data on things we do not like.
    2. The sheer range of priorities indicates how fragmented opinion is across the UK,but when people are forced to choose from a pre-set list this is perhaps not surprising. In a GE people make decisions based on a range of criteria personal to themselves.
    3. Adding the categories pro-Brexit and anti-Brexit it appears that ‘anti’ is much larger.


    1. You have the eyes of a hawk or perhaps of a younger man! It was the link that I ended up putting under the image.Interest? Global research man! Anyone worth their SALT treaty would be unable to resist that.

      Tongue in cheek? Often. BBC Guidelines? My Bible.

      Thanks again for your attention.



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