Scotland? Stronger growth?? Where does it say that?

From BBC Scotland yesterday:

There are signs that Scottish firms are increasingly turning to short-term staff to fill job vacancies, according to a Royal Bank of Scotland survey. Its latest jobs market report suggested permanent staff recruitment fell for the second month in a row in August. It was the first back-to-back fall since January 2017.

Toward the end we do get a wee positive take with:

In addition, temporary billings continued to rise with Scotland markedly outperforming the UK as a whole.

The original report offers more positive pickings for anyone inclined to do so:

  1. Permanent staff appointments in Scotland fell for the second consecutive month during August, marking consecutive monthly falls for the first time over two-and-a half years. That said, the rate of decline was modest overall and weaker than seen for the UK as a whole.
  2. Meanwhile, temporary staff billings rose across Scotland, with the increase accelerating to the quickest since March. Overall, the rise was strong with temp billing growth in Scotland markedly outperforming that for the UK as a whole.
  3. Permanent vacancy growth in Scotland eased during August for the fifth consecutive month, registering the weakest expansion in over three-and-a-half years. The slowdown in Scotland was mirrored at the UK level, albeit with Scotland reporting stronger growth.