Support for independence too close to call averaging 50% WITHOUT 16/17-year-olds in three polls now

The Lord Ashcroft poll on 30 July – 2 August 2019 put support for independence at 52%.

Two YouGov polls in April 2019 and yesterday both put support at 49%.

These three, averaging at exactly 50%, coming after YouGov polls in 2017 and 2018 consistently putting support at 44% and without predominantly independence supporting 16 and 17 year-olds, suggest a real trend and one that puts the Union in serious jeopardy.

2 thoughts on “Support for independence too close to call averaging 50% WITHOUT 16/17-year-olds in three polls now

  1. Latest quarterly Scottish export stats from will persuade a few more ‘waverers’ to YES I reckon. Link and snippets below:

    Scotland’s total goods exports rise by 14.5%.

    More than half of all Scottish goods exports were sent to Europe in the last quarter, according to the latest HMRC regional trade statistics.

    The value of Scotland’s total annual goods exports increased by 14.5% (£4.3 billion) to £34.0 billion in the year ending 30 June 2019. This was a higher growth rate than the overall UK figure of 3.3% and the highest percentage increase of any UK nation.

    More than half of our goods exports are to the EU, showing the importance of this market. Over the past year goods exports to Europe have increased by 11.8% (£1.8 billion) to £17.3 billion. Total UK goods exports to the EU increased by 1.9%.


    1. It will if indy supporters get the word out because it is for sure the papers wont report it.
      The SG’s policy of courting Europe, opening trade hubs in Paris, Brussels and Berlin thus giving Scotland a permanent, and visible, presence is paying off not just in terms of the immediate economic situation but towards the ultimate goal of independence

      Paying off for the ultimate goal of independence by ensuring Scotland’s economy is as strong as possible which will give people the all important confidence to vote for independence while at the same time showing what Scotland would lose if it remains tied to a UK out of Europe and that other markets are possible.

      The whole Brexit debacle has shown people in the darkest terms how little Scotland’s opinion and needs count in the UK. That has turned people to yes. They have seen it for themselves and know the damage Brexit will do and have decided for themselves to change to Yes and thus will probably stick with it.


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