Crime is falling on only one UK railway network – D Division! What, is that Scotland? It is:

While British Transport Police record crimes across 12 different categories, travellers will also be please to see that violence against the person and sexual offences are falling in Scotland in line with a wider reduction of crime across the country in the last 10 or more years:

Why is Scotland not mentioned in the table?

And, crime was already much lower on D Division Scotland’s trains. England has 10 times the population so all things being equal might be expected to have 10 times the crime on its railways. Scotland had 1668 crimes in 2018/19 so England on that basis would have 16 680. From the data here, it had 65 099! The rate of crime on England’s railway system is 4 times higher than in Scotland.

How BBC UK saw the report from the BTP:

But hey the Herald only 18 minutes after we posted!

STV beats us by 20 minutes. Some young person on speed?