Acting-it Tory Leader Jackson Carlaw is clearly sensitive about his gammonicity. Yesterday the First Minister innocently said:

“I think it is probably embarrassment that is making his face go a little bit red when he looks at the achievements of this government compared to the achievement of his own party which is so obsessed with Brexit it’s forgotten how to do anything else. “Carlaw responded: “Not my skin tone again. Listen First Minister, at least I’ve got a full head of my own naturally coloured hair.”

So, a bit thin-skinned about his flushing, Carlaw seems happier with his barnet and he has previous in weaponizing it. See this from 2016:

Is this an emerging strategy (from a fringe group) to win votes? Tories have better hair? See:

It’s clearly not a cover-up:

I’ll leave readers to think about the obvious barnet flaw at the very top of the party