Scottish Tories get their own barnet formula as Carlaw gets flushed

Acting-it Tory Leader Jackson Carlaw is clearly sensitive about his gammonicity. Yesterday the First Minister innocently said:

“I think it is probably embarrassment that is making his face go a little bit red when he looks at the achievements of this government compared to the achievement of his own party which is so obsessed with Brexit it’s forgotten how to do anything else. “Carlaw responded: “Not my skin tone again. Listen First Minister, at least I’ve got a full head of my own naturally coloured hair.”

So, a bit thin-skinned about his flushing, Carlaw seems happier with his barnet and he has previous in weaponizing it. See this from 2016:

Is this an emerging strategy (from a fringe group) to win votes? Tories have better hair? See:

It’s clearly not a cover-up:

I’ll leave readers to think about the obvious barnet flaw at the very top of the party

7 thoughts on “Scottish Tories get their own barnet formula as Carlaw gets flushed

  1. Watched the exchange , it did not go down well at all in the parliament , he was heartily booed ,that is why he had to apologised later , he knew himself he had crossed the line , however Nicola’s response showed him up for the inbicile that he is .

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  2. Scottish Secretary Alister Jack said “It’s particularly a great day for Scottish farmers with the prime minister delivering on his promise to right the wrongs of unfair funding by providing them an EXTRA £160m.”

    Meanwhile – NFU Scotland has a rather different take on things: The National Farmers’ Union Scotland president, Andrew McCornick, said the announcement meant a “fundamental wrong has finally been corrected”.

    Well done to Fergus Ewing and the SNP Scottish Govt and YES majority Scottish Parlt for constantly wigging whichever of the various pms were in office until Westminster realised that their sneaky larceny had been caught out too badly to keep it swept under Boris’ resplendent rug. Clearly a bad hair day for the thieving Westminster elites.

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    1. Yes , Scottish Tories were trying to claim it as their victory while Fergus Ewing and the Scottish Government have been run ragged for years trying to get it back with help from farmers . Tories will lie and cheat every step of the way , they have no shame! .

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    2. To make up for the fall in the pound the Tory Government should be handing over about £180 million. But at least they have finally handed over something.

      By the way, anyone check the small print to make sure they are not paying it back over 5 years or so? A favourite plot of Westminster when handing out money.

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  3. Anent Mr Carlaw’s jibe – at least he apologised eventually.

    On Tuesday Mr B. Johnson at PMQs called Mr Corbyn a ‘big girl’s blouse’. There was very little comment in the media, and, as far as I could see no condemnations expressed. Compare this with the hullaballoo and feigned and hypocritical horror on the Government benches when Mr Corbyn, allegedly mouthed ‘silly woman’ in response to a comment by Mrs May. This was based on lip reading, since what was said was not actually heard – not that much can be heard during the bearpit sham that is PMQs. Mr Corbyn, claimed that he said something else. This media farce ran over a couple of days. However, there has been no comment about Mr Johnson’s statement. We have not even had one of the professional umbrage takers on to express their horror at the outrage.


  4. However, anent comments, was the Scottish Sun’s ‘Boot in the Boz’ not a masterful headline after the PM’s loss of control of the Commons order paper and then it continued in this vein with ‘Another boot in the Boz for Floppy’. With friends like that in the Murdoch press who needs enemies?


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