Scotsman journalism in crisis as NHS vacancies are distorted and presented out of context

I know, I’m repeating myself but the above witless headline is causing angry reflux so, for the second time today:

Vacancies are normal. The question is, is the system strong enough to cope with them? See:

SHOCK Scotland has far more staff including consultants and GPs per head of population

As Tory-run NHS England loses staff in record numbers, SNP-run NHS Scotland is in surplus for sixth year in a row

NHS Scotland has many fewer operations cancelled due to staffing or resources capacity

New fun for researcher as qualified doctor staffing is up almost 20% under SNP!

Already better-staffed NHS Scotland doctor training meeting recruitment targets

As NHS England is pulled into ethnic nationalist self-destruction why there is no Scottish crisis in nurse staffing

Scotland’s nursing and midwifery staffing and student recruitment are Miles better!

10% of the population yet 13.2% of the paediatricians: why the health of Scotland’s children is NOT being put at risk by staff shortages 

Scotland has 10% of the population but 17% of the health visitors and fewer post-natal deaths after SNP government increases staffing by 25%

2 thoughts on “Scotsman journalism in crisis as NHS vacancies are distorted and presented out of context

  1. An element of the vacancies will be down to the drop in EU inward migration since the Brexit vote. A useful piece in The Common Green puts it in perspective. Link and snippet below:

    Speaking of population, the impact of Brexit is becoming apparent even before we have left the EU. Scotland and the UK’s population continue to increase but that rate of increase has fallen sharply in the past few years. Since the EU referendum, population grown in Scotland has dropped by three fifths from 0.5% in 2015-16 to 0.18% in 2018-19.

    Here’s really, really hoping that the current stramash leads directly to Indy (Do Not Pass Go) – but if we do have to take Indy slice by slice here’s really, really hoping that powers over a Scottish inward migration policy can be prised out of Westminster’s cold, grasping fingers at the earliest opportunity.


  2. The Scottish Government cut the number of student nurses in 2012 from 2700 to 2400 because there were a record number of nurses in training at that time, 10,300 or so, and it was thought that there would not be enough jobs for them.

    However, every year since then they have increased the number of student nurses/midwives. The intake for the academic year 2018-19 was around 3,700. The SG also ran a successful campaign to attract trained nurses and midwives back into the profession.

    Then along comes the EU referendum and Brexit followed by an exodus of nurses, and other medical staff, and a reduction in the numbers coming from the EU to work here. Something that reports of the ‘vacancies’ issue either fail to mention or gloss over. Just as well then that the SG had already started to take steps to increase the number of nurses before Brexit started to impact on staffing levels.


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