I know, I’m repeating myself but the above witless headline is causing angry reflux so, for the second time today:

Vacancies are normal. The question is, is the system strong enough to cope with them? See:

SHOCK Scotland has far more staff including consultants and GPs per head of population

As Tory-run NHS England loses staff in record numbers, SNP-run NHS Scotland is in surplus for sixth year in a row

NHS Scotland has many fewer operations cancelled due to staffing or resources capacity

New fun for researcher as qualified doctor staffing is up almost 20% under SNP!

Already better-staffed NHS Scotland doctor training meeting recruitment targets

As NHS England is pulled into ethnic nationalist self-destruction why there is no Scottish crisis in nurse staffing

Scotland’s nursing and midwifery staffing and student recruitment are Miles better!

10% of the population yet 13.2% of the paediatricians: why the health of Scotland’s children is NOT being put at risk by staff shortages 

Scotland has 10% of the population but 17% of the health visitors and fewer post-natal deaths after SNP government increases staffing by 25%