Lord McConnell’s brass neck in accusing the Scottish Government of ‘taking it’s foot off the pedal’ on sectarian violence

Clearly choosing to forget what his party have done (above) and speaking to the BBC yesterday:

Former first minister Jack McConnell has called for more to be done to combat the “cancer” of sectarianism in Scotland. Lord McConnell accused the Scottish government of “taking its food off the pedal” in tackling the problem. He told Good Morning Scotland: “Part of the problem that we are seeing in football grounds and on the streets with increasing sectarian behaviour and incidents is that there hasn’t been strong national leadership.


He clearly chooses to forget the part Scottish Labour and all the other opposition parties have played in this debacle:

4 thoughts on “Lord McConnell’s brass neck in accusing the Scottish Government of ‘taking it’s foot off the pedal’ on sectarian violence

  1. Surprisingly, this matter was put to him by the interviewer on Good Morning Scotland. He said he disagreed with the position of his party on the issue and had advised that the legislation be amended and replaced, not eliminated.

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  2. He should have had words with his Scottish branch of the Labour party when James Kelly and his pals were going hell for leather to get the OBAFA repealed , in which they were successful , supported by every other Unionist party and including to my horror the Greens , or was he too busy sipping his champagne in his ermine in the HOL to notice ! .

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  3. His GMS performance sounded like some kind of job application via the airwaves. “Here I am – The great and glorious Baron McConnell – all ready and waiting to chair some made up commission or other at wildly inflated fee (and expenses, natch).” – The interviewer (not sure which one it was) almost asked a searching question but lost her nerve at the last moment. I was waiting for her to suggest to The Baron that – as he has had 12 years out of frontline politics to ruminate on his efforts regarding sectarianism and bigotry – he could, perhaps, outline a single concrete proposal that he has worked up into a useable legal/administrative format to present to the listening Scottish nation for consideration? Surprise, surprise. Such a question came there none, however.


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