In the Herald only six months ago, we were still being warned of the costs of wind farm subsidies which, as an independent nation, we supposedly could not afford.

Critics, of course fail to mention two things. First other forms of power generation as also subsidised.

Nuclear and fossil fuel generation are currently subsidised at nearly £6 billion per year in the UK:

Nuclear power also leads to inflated bills but is protected  to underpin the supply chain and skills for nuclear submarines:

The costs of decommissioning are conveniently ignored.

Second, however, unlike nuclear, wind power is developing. As all other successful technologies have done it is beginning to move into subsidy-free levels of efficiency. Once widely achieved, the debate is surely over. See this:

A 46MW onshore windfarm in Dumfries and Galloway, in south-west Scotland, has joined the race to become the first in the country to become operational without the support of Government subsidies. Independent Scottish developer Muirhall Energy is working with WWS Renewables to start construction of the 46MW Crossdykes Wind Farm and is expected to start producing power in September 2020.