You’ll read my report or else! The Marra Report? No! you can’t make me!

In today’s reporting of alleged ‘waste, mismanagement and poor service’, the Herald adds ‘MSPs’ report slams Scotland’s public sector.’ Throughout, the cross-party document is referred to as the ‘Marra Report.’ What could be more awful?

Needless to say, the evidence of poor service is anecdotal and insufficient. The committee does not seem to have done the blindingly obvious thing if you want evidence of how well public services are performing, look for actual official statistics including those on what the clients think. Needless to say, again, we have. Here are some:

Lovely Watter! Scotland’s nationalised system has 99.9% quality drinking water, no pollution problems, strong dams and, no surprise, high overall satisfaction

90% to 97% satisfaction with maternity care in NHS Scotland but results buried in rUK

91% satisfaction with NHS Scotland staff! Patients even more satisfied than before

At 78% level of satisfaction with NHS Scotland is impressive 36% higher than for the NHS across UK

Scottish patients have far better access to GPs than those in England

The untold story of NHS Scotland’s 100% IVF service creating AND saving lives

Reporting Scotland describes 95% of cancer patients being positive as only ‘MOST being happy’

As the Scottish Nomedia scrambles for scare-stories here are 30 secret successes in NHS Scotland in 2018

Scotland has 10% of the population but 17% of the health visitors and fewer post-natal deaths after SNP government increases staffing by 25%

Westminster Conservatives FAIL as Police in Scotland more than NINE times as effective in solving violent crimes than in England

50% more police officers per head of population and increasing overall in Scotland under SNP

Will BBC praise Police Scotland as car theft falls in Scotland yet soars in other parts of UK?

SNP funds Police Scotland to increase detectives by 12% and solve 100% of murders!

Police Scotland’s ‘infinitesimally low’ level of corruption/violence towards the public

MORE THAN 99.99% of Police Scotland call-outs handled properly! It’s not good enough says Tory MSP!

Despite uninformed Scotsman scare story, Scots reported EXPERIENCE of crime has fallen MORE than the police statistics!

Wake-up Reevel! Scotland has nearly twice the number of firefighters per head of population as England and deaths are falling