Scotland’s Trump is favourite to succeed Ruth Davidson and tweets to show it

Scotland’s Trump is favourite to succeed Ruth Davidson and tweets to show it

The bookies tend to know what’s going to happen and they make Richard Nixon lovechild, Murdo Fraser the clear favourite to lead the Tories in Scotland. As for the second favourite, who?

Fraser, like Trump, is known to be a deep thinker on many things but especially football and his beloved Rangers FC. Here’s a taste:

Then after his beloved Rangers are awarded 4 penalties in one match:

This the man who would lead us, all of us?

Again like Trump, doubts have been cast on Fraser’s intelligence and after a run of daft tweets, Wings did the above poll. Fraser’s victory in a poll, any poll, amused Wings. They wrote:

Conservative list MSP Murdo Fraser is Scottish politics’ undisputed king of rejects. He’s had a 16-year career in the Scottish Parliament without once winning any sort of election, trousering close to a million pounds of taxpayers’ money in the process, and there’s pretty much nothing anyone can do to get him out of it. First of all he was firmly rejected by the electorate of East Lothian in 1997, picking up under 20% of the vote. Then when the Scottish Parliament came into being in 1999 he tried his luck at winning its North Tayside seat and was rejected again. He had a go at the Westminster version of the seat in 2001, and was rejected there too. He hadn’t managed to come in the top three of the Tory regional list either, but when one of the list MSPs who HAD been elected resigned later that year after a bout of pneumonia, Fraser got to walk into his vacant seat unopposed, elected by no-one. He tried to win North Tayside again in 2003 and 2007, and was rejected both times. (In the four attempts he made at the seat, his vote share decreased every time. The more people saw of him serving as an MSP, the less they liked him.) By 2011 North Tayside had been abolished and replaced by Perthshire North, which Fraser contested in that year and in 2016, but was rejected twice more. In between he stood for leader of the Scottish Conservatives, but was rejected by Tory members. After eight humiliating failures out of eight, though, today Murdo finally won one. And in a landslide to boot.

Further Trumpisms even appear in Holyrood:

From the Herald in May 2019:

A FRONTBENCH Tory MSP has been criticised after trying to rewrite the law and exempt his own car from pollution charges. Finance spokesman Murdo Fraser wants to amend the Transport Bill currently going through Holyrood to exclude classic cars from low emission zone charges. His amendment would benefit the owners of cars more than 30 years old, despite older vehicles producing more carbon emissions than modern models. In January, in a debate on LEZs, Mr Fraser told MSPs he was “the owner of a classic car”, as well as the “owner and daily user” of a hybrid vehicle.

Why do I hear no sound of shaking in boots from anyone in any of the other parties?

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4 thoughts on “Scotland’s Trump is favourite to succeed Ruth Davidson and tweets to show it

  1. There will not be a next leader of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party. There will be a group leader for the Conservative and Unionist Party group at Holyrood. It could be Jenny Marra, because she will have the full force of the Courier and Sunday Post behind her.

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