Scotland is the ONLY country in the UK to have seen a rise in school spending since 2013–14

The Institute for Fiscal Studies 2019 annual report on education spending in England: schools, paints a very different picture from that imagined by the Unionist media (above). Who is likely to be telling the truth one wonders? See this evidence:

In terms of trends over time, we see steady declines across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In Scotland, there was a decline of 6% between 2009–10 and 2013–14, followed by a rise of about 4% since 2013–14. As a result, the net decline is notably less in Scotland, which is the only country in the UK to have seen a rise in school spending since 2013–14. This shows that real-terms cuts in school spending per pupil have been largest in Northern Ireland (11%) and England (8%). Cuts have been smaller in Wales (6%) and Scotland (2%), where pupil numbers have been steady. Both countries saw cuts to total school spending (around 6% in Wales and 2% in Scotland). However, because of the lack of growth in pupil numbers, these translated into smaller falls in spending per pupil.

IFS conclude with:

It is no coincidence that cuts have been larger in England (8%) and Northern Ireland (11%), where pupil numbers have risen faster.

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3 thoughts on “Scotland is the ONLY country in the UK to have seen a rise in school spending since 2013–14

  1. On the subject of schools, this from yesterday’s Guardian:

    I don’t post this to add to the list of evidence that in many areas Scottish schools are doing better than schools in England. I thing we have gone beyond that point and into territory where what is happening in schools in England should really be of serious concern to everyone.

    Children are being denied an education almost on a whim. Exclusions are Rampant and may be ramped up even further and at the same time Children are being dropped from school rolls into some sort of disappeared, invisible limbo.

    The effect on the social fabric eg increased crime can already be seen but it is the cost to each and every child who is effectively being denied an education. That cannot be right nor can it be right to use it as a ‘I’m alright, Jack’ attitude. There but for the Grace of God – and a competent Government etc.

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    1. This increase in exclusions is in harmony with the recent government announcements that schools should ‘not be afraid’ to exclude.Exclusions are mainly of children from the lowest socioeconomic groups and, disproportionately of children with additional support needs.

      “Strong discipline” always plays well with the teacher unions. The ‘collapse of discipline’ in schools is always their first line of attack whenever there is any move to increase accountability.

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      1. They are quite deliberately creating an underclass that can be manipulated by any two bit populist promising them the sun the moon and the stars and one, moreover, that wont hotice/know when their rights are removed from them.


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