The Institute for Fiscal Studies 2019 annual report on education spending in England: schools, paints a very different picture from that imagined by the Unionist media (above). Who is likely to be telling the truth one wonders? See this evidence:

In terms of trends over time, we see steady declines across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In Scotland, there was a decline of 6% between 2009–10 and 2013–14, followed by a rise of about 4% since 2013–14. As a result, the net decline is notably less in Scotland, which is the only country in the UK to have seen a rise in school spending since 2013–14. This shows that real-terms cuts in school spending per pupil have been largest in Northern Ireland (11%) and England (8%). Cuts have been smaller in Wales (6%) and Scotland (2%), where pupil numbers have been steady. Both countries saw cuts to total school spending (around 6% in Wales and 2% in Scotland). However, because of the lack of growth in pupil numbers, these translated into smaller falls in spending per pupil.

IFS conclude with:

It is no coincidence that cuts have been larger in England (8%) and Northern Ireland (11%), where pupil numbers have risen faster.

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