Using Reporting Scotland editorial guidelines to report a trend based on only one year’s statistics, we can report that most types of hate crime have fallen significantly in 2018/2019:

Type                            2017/18        2018/19         % Change

Race                            4 480               4 069               Down 9.2%

Religion                       513                  453                  Down 11.7%

Race & Religion         150                  81                    Down 46%

Race or Religion        131                  116                  Down 11.4%

Disability                     274                  260                  Down 5.1%

Sexual Orientation    1 092               1 201               Up 10%

Transgender               60                    87                    Up 28%

Other                           26                    35                    Up 35%

Note that in the case of sexual orientation and transgender we see here a positive trend as victims become more willing to come forward

For a bit of context

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