Media FAIL with meaningless and dishonest report on P1 testing being ‘meaningless’ to only 3 out of 25 000 Scottish Primary teachers

Journalists fail Level 1 Ethics Course

I’ve searched the teachers’ part of the survey data of 184 pages, and thus only at most 92 teachers, out of more than 24 899 primary-trained teachers responding. The word ‘meaningless’ comes up 3 times, in the same one teacher’s response. The word ‘meaning’ appears another 6 times but in only 2 of those could it be taken to mean the same thing. This adds 2 more teachers to the group describing the tests as ‘meaningless.’

Even if we restrict the eligible sample to the 2 or 3 000 working in P1 classes and exclude the other early stages teachers, infant heads and the more than 20 000 trained at all stages and thus really eligible to respond to the survey, and base conclusions on 3 respondents. Now that really is meaningless.

In the surveys of head teachers and local authorities, NONE could be said to have described the tests as meaningless

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