Though with no agreed definition, snagging is the process of checking a new building for minor faults that need to be rectified. Every contract has minor ‘snagging’ issues which gradually over time become thought of as maintenance.

BBC Scotland’s report does not tell us who or what is the source of their ‘story.’ I suppose they’d be embarrassed to do so. The rest of the report includes ‘for balance’ lots of positive stuff but the damage is done by then for most readers.

Here’s a reminder of the true story of this engineering marvel:

Queensferry Crossing staying open more often and even in very high winds. Reporting Scotland will be all over this?

‘American leaders should look across the pond for inspiration.’ World Economic Forum describes Scotland’s Queensferry Crossing project as a model of good practice for US developers

First Minister of Scotland steals the Queen of England’s thunder and light by opening the Queensferry Crossing first

Queensferry Crossing comes in £245 million under budget. That’s more than 18%!