Hey Scottish voters, are you digging my thought fields?

On Tuesday 27 August at Holyrood:

Alex Cole-Hamilton (Edinburgh Western) (Scottish Liberal Democrats): To ask the Scottish Government what its position is on the use of Thought Field Therapy [TFT]within the NHS, and what information it has on what medical research or trials on the use of this therapy (a) have been undertaken and (b) are planned to be undertaken in Scotland.

What is he on? Here’s what real experts have been thinking about TFT for 20 years now:

  1. TFT is a hodgepodge
  • There is a complete lack of scientific evidence for TFT
  • TFT is based on misconceptions and distortions AND 20 years out of date!


Can We Really Tap Our Problems Away? Brandon A. GaudianoJames D. Herbert From: Skeptical Inquirer Volume 24No. 4 July / August 2000: https://skepticalinquirer.org/2000/07/can_we_really_tap_our_problems_away/