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Though demand for NHS Scotland services has surged by between 27% and 35% in just 5 years, NHS Scotland has actually improved its performance in several areas including some waiting time targets. This is astonishing and a tribute to all involved.

Using Reporting Scotland editorial guidelines, I have extracted the data most in the public interest fromHospital Waiting Times Diagnostic, New Outpatient, Inpatient, Day Case and Referral to Treatment Quarter Ending 30 June 2019:

  • 78.5% of New Outpatients were seen within the 12 weeks standard at the end of June 2019 compared to only 74.8% at the end of March 2019 and 77.2% at the end of June 2018.
  • 79.2% of patients were seen within the 18-week referral to treatment standard compared with only 77.3% at the end of March 2019.
  • 81.6% of patients waited less than six weeks for a key diagnostic test at the end of June 2019 compared to 84% at the end of March 2019.

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