5 thoughts on “Tory hypocrisy”

  1. Blimey – another tory MSP that I don’t ever recall hearing about before – Is there an election a couple of years away in 2021 or something? – must be something that’s brought them all scrabbling to get their names heard before the tory Regional Lists get ranked?

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  2. The beeb seldom carries much genuinely helpful info on its Politics page but I did, personally speaking, find this short paragraph useful in clarifying how Johnson’s provocative 5 week (almost) prorogation of Parlt is, unambiguously, in a different category from the ‘traditional’ Parliamentary recess for the party conference season that is a weel-kent feature of the Westminster fun-fair. So I thought I’d share it here. Snippet below:

    Professor of Government at Cambridge University, Colin Talbot, likens proroguing Parliament to “pressing the reset button”.

    “It normally happens once a year,” he explains adding that “in recent years prorogation has only lasted less than a working week”.

    Prorogation is “very different from the conference recess”, he says.

    “During the conference recess, MPs can still meet in committee, they can demand government papers, they can put down questions to ministers.

    “There are a lot of things that can go on in recess that can’t go on in prorogation.”

    Seems like we really are moving into very strange territory indeed. I have high hopes that something useful will come Scotland’s way from these high order stressors being applied to that (laughable) figment of the public imagination, widely known as, The UK Constitution.


  3. Well now – it is interesting that The Sun is using quite such ‘definite’ language framing in its reporting of Col. Davidson’s planned departure. Link and snippets below:



    Ruth Davidson to QUIT as Scottish Tory leader due to ‘pressures of motherhood’ and because she’s ‘at odds’ with Prime Minister Boris Johnson

    • Chris Musson
    • 28 Aug 2019, 17:11
    • Updated: 28 Aug 2019, 17:38

    RUTH Davidson is set to quit as the Tories’ leader in Scotland, senior sources revealed today.

    Insiders said the Scottish Conservatives boss – who became a mum in October – is to stand down due to pressures of motherhood and because she’s “increasingly at odds” with Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

    (As ever – caveat emptor – we’ll see).


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