Neil Mackay, Theatre Critic for the Glasgow Herald writes today:

On the Yes side, nothing has substantively changed, when it comes to big ideas, since the SNP laid out its blueprint for independence in 2014.

Could that be because nothing HAS changed at all in the real world in which the idea of independence is formed? The UK is still a post-imperial relic with delusional dreams of projecting its power. The UK is still horribly unequal, punishing it’s weak, its sick and its poor to enable spending on weapons of mass destruction, vanity projects and tax cuts for the rich. Scotland is still being denied the opportunities to become a better place. I could go on to list more factors but it’s still the same reason – we simply don’t like it here and we’re simply right to do so.

What do you want Neil? More moral ambivalence? Get a Netflix account.

Finally, why the picture of a Green? Currently peaking in the polls at 1 to 2%.