Unlike Edinburgh last weekend, London’s ‘Meltdown Monday’ really was ‘Travel Chaos’

‘Hundreds of thousands’ of passengers stranded in London last November but only a few ‘hundreds’ in Edinburgh over the weekend seems ‘travel chaos’ and required an apology. Scotland’s NoMedia don’t keep things in perspective?

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3 thoughts on “Unlike Edinburgh last weekend, London’s ‘Meltdown Monday’ really was ‘Travel Chaos’

  1. When I saw some of the videos made on mobile phones from inside the trains and tweeted, the scenes looked pretty unpleasant. However, such scenes are pretty routine at rush hour on the London underground.
    Undoubtedly, we need improvements in the rail service, which entails more rolling stop greater line capacity and more staff, as well as trains which run into the early hours, at times such as the Edinburgh festival.

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