From Opinium on 21-23 August with 113, 18 plus adults only, the SNP support is probably a bit lower than it would be with mostly pro-Indy 16 and 17-year-olds included. With the Brexit Party losing meaning as the Tories promise to leave the EU on time, the SNP convince as the Remain party at the expense of the Lib Dems.

This sub-poll repeats the results of YouGov for 13-14 August, with SNP at 47%, the Brexit Party a bit stronger at 8% and the Tories at 20%.

With the Lib Dem figure down at 8% from 13% in the YouGov poll, Swinson looks like losing her Scottish seat in any election soon and, perhaps, it’s a harbinger of the Shetland by-election result where the SNP candidate is apparently closing the gap on Tavish Scott. Talking of Tavis Scott:

Is Tavish Scott a Numpty? – Gentleman farmer – Wants to be a Lord Like His Daddy